Thursday, December 1

Tears of a woman

With the name of Allah, The most Merciful

Went out of the gate, with tears in my cheek. Even in the cab, I can't stop it, y? how weak was I ?!  * It was so bad to cry in front of a stranger (The taxi driver), I'd lost my mind that moment. 

Tears ? Usually people would relate it with women. Why? is it called as a weakness? I think, it's not. But , by the time i cried just now , i don't know why did i feel so weak. "Why did I can't control myself ?"

Dear my friends,

Tears are not only for women,but for all creatures who have feeling, who can feel pain.
Allah has created tears for us . It's a precious gift that He has given to us so that we would be able to express our feeling

So, now I want to share all about tears <3

Basically, we produce about 10 ounces tears a day.

According to John Siaboda, a Psychologist from British, Human can't produce tears in the space due to the gravity issue.

Why women usually related to tears? It's is a very subjective question to be answered. Different women would have different answers for it. As for myself, I would cry because of  a small matter. I just can't hold it when my heart is full of misery. Women would try their best to be strong, but once their tears burst, they would need someone by their side to ask  what's is the problem?  as expected, don't expect them to directly tell you the truth, they are actually insisted you to say,

"i'm here for you, i'll hear you. tell me so you can feel relief" 

Some people may say that tears are the best weapon of women to melt men's heart. Is It true?
But in my opinion, true tears are different with the fake one. People would be able to differentiate it.

Dear friends,
be grateful of having tears. But , tears are not created to be wasted for something that are not valuable. For example, crying over a man/woman that has left you behind (*boyfriend/girlfriend).Don't you think it's wasting as he/she is just nobody? S/he is not yours (husband/wife)

Here are some types of tears that will make us become STRONGER:

1. cry because of love for ALLAH and repent

2. cry when our the brothers and sisters are being oppressed

3. cry when our brothers and sisters' aqidah is being destroyed

4.tears of a woman who gives birth

p/s: Thank You Allah for this gift!

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