Sunday, October 30

Dear Adams

With the name of Allah, The Most Gracious

Dear Adams, the leaders of Hawa..

I would admire you when you could keep your self away from a girl that you love before the right time come.
I would understand how pain it is keeping our feeling for the one we love, but still, it is a test for us from Allah.

Don't show me how brave you are to confess your love, your misses 
 because if we are created to be a partner forever, i'll be glad to hear sweet words from you , but not now.
If you say those words to me, don't you ashamed of your self if i'm not your partner in the future? 
I'll assume you as a coward if those sweet words come over your lips ..

I'll respect you as the best men if you would have a courage to propose me through the bless of my parents,
not as A GIRLFRIEND, but for a marriage..
But if you are not able for this moment, please do keep your self away from me ...
If one day you are ready ...
If one day you are capable of being a husband,
If one day You think I deserve to be you LIFE PARTNER, 
insyaAllah, I'll be glad to be yours forever. 

BUt for this moment, 

You don't have to call me sayang, honey, dear or baby for this moment, 
for me, it's a humiliation for me as a Hawa. 
Only my husband would have the RIGHT TO CALL ME like that!

Dear Adam, our protector,
never regret when you have no chance to confess your feeling to a girl that you love most..

never regret when you have no chance to talk and sit beside a girl that you admire most..

never get upset or frustrated when She ignore you , not even look at you when she walk infront of you in the college,


Allah wants to save you from maksiat.
Allah wants you to lower your gaze,
Allah wants you TO KEEP ALL THOSE SWEET WORDS only for your BELOVED WIFE in the future,
the one who are deserved for you to share everything. 
don't be sad Adam...
Allah will always give the thing that you NEED, not the one that you WANT.

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