Thursday, August 18

Muslimin and Muslimat

With the name of Allah, The Most Gracious and Merciful =)

End of Ramadhan is just around the corner. so sad to be left by this holy month. This month taught me a lot about life.It taught me to appreciate and so on. Ramadhan for this year is very meaningful than my ramadhan before. I keep on thinking about many things especially about my beloved ISLAM and myself.

Back to the central issue, about muslimin and muslimat!
Have you ever notice that women and man would sit separately in any religious event such as Tilawah al-Quran , Isra' Mi'raj ceremony and many more?

This is what I really love about our muslimin and muslimat

However, when it comes to any other event that is not religious event...., all gone.? :'( .

For example, when we are having a retirement ceremony, any competition event, any performance event, why can't we stay with our holy culture? Why should men and women mix up together. ? Are we afraid of acknowledging what Allah ask us to do? Is it too hard to do this ? tepuk dada, tanya iman.. :)

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